Professional Hosting Plan

Unix-based Features Included
Basic Features:
Linux RedHat w/Sphera HostingDirector® software yes
24/7 site access via FTP yes
Web-based control panel yes
Manage DNS Records yes
Your own Apache Web Server yes
Your own mail server yes
Your own database server yes
Your own file structure yes
Your own CGI-BIN directory yes
Administrative access (chroot) yes
Cron Jobs yes
SSI (server-side includes) yes
Flash/Shockwave support yes
MP3 support yes
iBill, CCBill support yes
Real Audio/Real Video (http streaming) yes
Shell Access (SSH) yes
24/7 server monitoring yes
Daily web traffic reports yes
24/7 technical support yes
Daily backup of web site yes
99.9% uptime guarantee yes
Full-time battery backup yes
Secure data center yes
No minimum contracts yes
30-day money back guarantee (excluding domain registration/transfer fee) yes
General Web Applications:
Apache Error Message yes
Auto Responder yes
phpAdsNew yes
Bulletin Board yes
Chili!Soft® yes
File Manager yes
Guestbook yes
Mail Form yes
Majordomo® yes
Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 Extensions yes
Mod_PERL yes
Mod_PHP yes
Neomail yes
OpenSSH yes
PERL yes
Python yes
Site Search yes
Webalizer yes
WebPassword yes
E-Commerce Applications:
EveryAuction® yes
Freeware Merchant® yes
Shared SSL yes
Credit Card Verification yes
Database Applications:
MySQL yes
PERL MySQL Libs yes
PHPMyAdmin yes
PostgreSQL yes
E-mail Features:
Unlimited accounts (you create/control) yes
Unlimited aliases and forwarding yes
Unlimited autoresponders yes

Explanation of Hosting Applications:

Apache Error Message:
Let site owners specify a custom text message or Web page as an alternative to standard error messages such as "Error 404." Learn more about Apache Error Message at
Auto Responder:
The Auto Responder ValueApp lets site owners set up automatic replies to e-mails, including a message and e-mail address of their choice.
Banner management and tracking system written in php that can manage multiple banners (any size) per advertiser, view daily, overall and summary statistics and send statistics to advertisers via email. Learn more about phpAdsNew at (version 1.9)
Bulletin Board:
The Bulletin Board ValueApp lets site owners set up an electronic messaging system on their sites to let users exchange information, and questions. After installing the bulletin board, site administrators can customize and manage it through a standard Web browser with such features as discussion topics, user registration and prohibited language. Learn more about Bulletin Board at (version 5.10a)
Enable an Internet development environment that uses Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP), with the added ability to work across different platforms. Learn more about Chili!Soft at (version 3.6.0)
Darwin is a multimedia-enabling application that allows any VDS to send streaming QuickTime® data using RTP and RTSP protocols. Learn more about Darwin at (version 4)
File Manager:
The File Manager ValueApp lets site owners manage and edit password-protected HTML files on their systems through a browser (without using Telnet). (version
Enable site owners to create a “guestbook” on their sites for users to sign in their contact information and comments. Site administrators can be notified when a new user signs in and have the option of sending e-mail to all registered users; users can view comments from all other guestbook signers. Learn more about Guestbook at (version 1.1.3)
*GNU Compiler Collection:
A set of GNU utilities and tools that allow users to compile and install utilities in their sites and particularly CPAN modules into their PERL environment. For more information, please go to
The IMP ValueApp lets site users connect to a Web mail interface so they can send and receive e-mail without an e-mail client application. For more information, please go to
Java Runtime Environment:
The Java Runtime Environment ValueApp installs a Solaris® Java runtime environment (JRE) minimum standard Java platform for running Java programs. It contains the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java core classes and supporting files. Learn more about Java Runtime Environment at (version 1.4)
Mail Form:
Creates an HTML mail form in which users can enter their comments and personal details. Data entered by users is then redirected to an email address of your choice.
Automates the management of Internet mailing lists. Commands regarding list maintenance (viewing, subscribing, etc.) are e-mailed to the Majordomo application for handling. Learn more about Majordomo at (version 1.95)
Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 Extensions:
A set of Web server applications that let site owners author, administer and browse Microsoft FrontPage-extended Web sites and add enhanced functionality such as hit counters, search forms and discussion Webs to their sites. Learn more about Microsoft FrontPage Extensions at (version 4.0.SR2 / 2002)
The Mod_Perl ValueApp makes it possible to write Apache modules entirely in PERL and speeds up the processing of PERL scripts by combining the PERL programming language with the power of the Apache HTTP server. Learn more about Mod_PERL at (version 1.27)
Combine the power of PHP scripts and the Apache HTTP server to let site developers write Apache pages entirely in PHP and thus insert PHP code directly alongside HTML. Learn more about Mod_PHP at (version 4.3)
A Web-based mail reader that offers such advanced features as sending/receiving messages with multiple attachments and an inline image attachment display. Learn more about Neomail at (version 1.25)
Encrypted data transmission (like secure Telnet sessions). Learn more about OpenSSH at:
The script language of choice for Web developers. Its speed and flexibility make it well suited for form processing and on-the-fly Web page creation, and it has libraries for several operating systems. Learn more about PERL at (version 5.6)
A popular server-side scripting language used especially when significant dynamism, ease of use, power and flexibility are required. Learn more about Python at (version 1.5.2)
Site Search:
Now enable quick and easy key word searches on your customers’ Web sites. For more on Site Search, please go to (version 1.1)
A server solution based on the Java Platform that supports the Servlet and JSP specifications. (version 4.1.18)
Analyzes Web server data to produce browser-viewable Web site usage reports, such as a chart showing the countries from which a site is accessed. Learn more about the Webalizer at (version 2.0)
Create, delete and manage password-based Web directories. Useful in controlling Web directories for privileged customers and employees.
A software package that facilitates the set up of an online auction site to bring buyers and sellers together. Learn more about EveryAuction at (version 1.51)
Freeware Merchant®:
Provides all the requirements of an e-commerce-enabled Web site, including a fully functional shopping cart, Web-based catalog administration, order administration, and user management. Learn more about Freeware Merchant at
*Open SSL:
This SSL module allows you to equip your Web site with secure Internet transaction capability. It gives you and your customers peace of mind when conducting commerce over the Web. For more information enter to
Shared SSL:
This shared SSL module allows you to equip your site with secure Internet transaction capability, giving you and your customers peace of mind when conducting commerce over the Web
Credit Card Verification:
Verify credit card numbers based on the mod 10 algorithm. Enables authentication by the credit card digit combination. Confirms the validity and type of credit cards for Visa®, MasterCard®, and American Express® card numbers.
An SQL-interpreting database client/server primarily geared toward Unix systems but maintained for Windows platforms as well. MySQL allows efficient integration with third-party tools, such as PHP and PERL, letting users generate dynamic Web pages through database queries. Learn more about MySQL at (version 3.23.53)
Installs the PERL libraries needed to connect to the MySQL database to generate dynamic Web pages through database queries. Learn more about PERL at
Designed to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. For more info, please go to: (version 2.4)
A sophisticated object-relational database management system that supports almost all SQL constructs, including sub-selects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions.Learn more about PostgreSQL at (version 7.3.2)

Site Owner Interface Languages:

NOTE: Online help available in English only